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About Us

Who are we?

We are A.J.P Leaflet Delivery a company based in Northampton that offers a cheap,
reliable GPS tracked leaflet delivery service in Northamptonshire

Where did we come from?

We run a small family run company in Northampton and have always struggled to find an affordable
and more importantly reliable Leaflet Distribution company… so we made one!

Why use A.J.P Leaflet Delivery?

We are a small company that offers a personal service which is both reliable and affordable.
Fully GPS tracked so you can relax in the knowledge that every single leaflet is being delivered.
GPS Tracking is updated every few seconds and is accurate to within a few meters
so you can literally see your leaflets having been delivered from door to door

What about options?

We have just 2 options to keep things simple.
We believe they are the only 2 options you should consider when delivering leaflets:

Option 1 – SOLUS
(your leaflets delivered alone)

Option 2 – Shared Delivery
(your leaflets are delivered with no more than 2 other non competing leaflets)

Why only 2 other leaflets?

Have you ever got home to find what looks like a load of junk mail on your floor?
Well we have, and when leaflets are delivered in a heap they go in the bin in a heap.
We believe brand awareness is very important and with just 1-3 leaflets (including yours)
customers are more likely to read them or subconsciously remember your logo

What about areas?

You pick the areas (within reason) that we deliver to,
meaning you’re not paying out on areas you don’t want to target

How does the GPS Tracking work?

Our team of deliverers carry a GPS device with them the whole time they are delivering your leaflets.
This updates every few seconds so when they are finish we send you the tracker information
and you can see the route taken and area’s delivered to

What about the OTHER companies?

We are not about trashing the competition and we never will be.
We have however used other companies ourselves in the past and been very disappointed.
Either they have charged us too low a figure meaning they didn’t actually deliver our leaflets,
or have been too expensive for us to afford on a regular basisĀ (we are here to hopefully change that).

Some large companies have high overheads which means even though they may
offer a good service they are forced to charge more than we do.

Also other companies may have to charge VAT on top of the prices offered, which we do not charge.